A lesson from the laundromat

I don’t have a very progressive view of laundromats. That’s my bad.

In my 20s, I recall some pretty shady outfits. How they seem to run themselves with no staff on duty. The coin returns that don’t work. Not wanting to stick around, not wanting to leave your laundry there to fend for itself. They are pretty much the same wherever you go. I know this because at that time in my life I lived in several cities across North America.

My giant comforter brings me back there every once in a while. Things haven’t changed much.

Until this weekend. On the suggestion of my 77 year old mom…everything changed.

You call…

They pick up…

They wash it …

Dry it and …

Bring it back home to you

Okay sure…that must cost a million dollars? Nope.

It gets better for the digitally savvy.

You download their app. Set up your account. Include your washing preferences.

Schedule your pickup.

They text you when they’re 10 minutes away.

A nice driver loads the van, off it goes.

You get a text when your washing is done.

You pay online OR at drop off (your choice)

They bring it home.

I decided to pick it up where I was met by two lovely ladies. My fresh, clean comforter neatly bagged up and ready to go. And with very little fuss, it went back on the bed. Me..feeling like I won the day.

What’s the lesson? Stop unfairly judging laundromats. Definitely.

More than that.

What an absolutely cool example of a business that could have played to the standard everyone expects.

OR … you can absolutely crush the customer experience and change the game.

So much so, that this marketing strategist is floored enough to write about it.

They focused on their customer’s job to be done. They eliminated the friction points. They delivered Starbucks service with the Uber Eats logistics.

Where are you playing to the standard?

What are your customers trying to accomplish?

Where are the friction points?

Where can you pull from other sectors to up the game?

Shout out to my mom, whose wisdom never ceases! And to … Suds Laundry for being way better than expected.

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