A little more Hollywood, please.

Did you know more than 50% of Hollywood movies follow the same plot line?

  1. It starts with a main character living their version of a normal life, until …
  2. They get pulled into a quest of sorts, face challenges along the way, and then…
  3. Overcome the adversity and come back changed, for the better.

We love these movies. We eat them up like candy for the soul.


Star Wars, The Matrix, Dune and dozens of other action/adventure movies.

Also think:

Moana, Legally Blonde, Pretty Woman and Elf.

Same plot. Different Characters. Different challenges. Different transformation.

The same is true for ALL the business stories worth telling.

And we think they could use a little more Hollywood.

We call them UNboring stories of change™. It’s simple. There’s a before and an after with an inflection point in between.

Start with the hero of your story. Is it an employee, a team, a customer or an entire industry, maybe?

  1. Describe their world today: The less-than-ideal ‘before.’
  2. Paint a picture of the better possible future. This is ‘happily ever after.’
  3. Introduce the change they can make. The new thinking, the new process, new technology.

Add some stormtroopers, an evil royal family or a city that’s lost its Christmas spirit, and you’ve got all the drama you need.

P.S. Don’t forget your supporting elements, like:

  1. Characters we can root for (“Hey Buddy, I hope you find your dad!”)
  2. A solid side-kick who can be the voice of wisdom along the way (Jeremy Piven in almost every role he’s ever played)
  3. Details to bring the story to life and make it real for the audience (all the math no one understands in Good Will Hunting).

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