Are your customers buying what you’re selling?

It’s not a question about meeting sales targets, although we hope you’re crushing those, too.

It’s a question of what people buy. They don’t buy the product or service you offer, they buy an outcome they’re looking for. They have a job to do, and they’re hiring your product or service to get it done.

I didn’t buy two coffees yesterday at Starbucks, even though I walked away with two in my hands.

I didn’t even buy the energy lift it gave me. I bought the feeling of comfort and closeness you get when you’re chatting with someone over the unexpected coffee treat.

Jobs to be done theory isn’t new. It isn’t complicated.

It is a great exercise to get into the minds of your audience.

You might be surprised to see how far you can take it.

For more on Jobs to be Done theory, check out this article by Clayten Christensen

Take your product development, sales and marketing from good to great …. with jobs to be done.

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