Want better results? Tell better stories.

Let’s build a story only you can tell.

Once upon a time

You met a team of people with endless curiosity and a passion for storytelling. You’ve got a story to tell and we can help. We dive into the details to see what makes you different, better, and the right choice.

The book on Strategic Storytelling


Set the scene


Understand your market environment, customer needs, and competitive solutions.

Chapter 1

Identify what matters
Identify core issues and themes, customer pain points and product/service fit.

Chapter 2

Build the strategy
Establish your point of view on the problem and your unique solution.

Chapter 3

Bring your story to life
Create the voice of the brand – tone, manner and personality, compelling message, brand narrative.


The happily ever after
Find and engage the community of people who matter – employees, partners customers. Involve your community in the ongoing development of your story.

The only smart connected factory worker suite to drive continuous improvement.


The only analytics engine for manufacturers that automates data ingestion and data science to identify potential disruptions before they occur.


A true Canadian food innovators launches the first low sugar, probiotic snack bar with 10 billing probiotics.


Helping manufacturers achieve smart operations. It starts with people. It starts with a smart culture.

McRock Capital

Changing the future of digital industrial investing. There is a Right Way.

The company we keep. The stories we get to tell.

Stories we can help you build

Everything starts with a story. All of them, without exception, are human, interesting and worth sharing. And when it’s done well, you have the power to change the world. Or at least the world you operate in.

The origin
The problem story
The more complex solution story
The we swear it’s different even though it sounds the same story
The old idea in a new light story
The making businesses run better story
The change the conversation story
The purpose story
The complex problem story
The performance story
The work we do matters story
The new idea story
The technology story (that’s really a human story)
The why people should care story

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