It’s complicated.

Is it really though?

Nearly everything can be simplified into parts most people can understand, except maybe quantum physics? …OR any physics for that matter.

Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Or maybe we just haven’t tried hard enough? The more niche your business, the more expert you are, the harder it is to break things into simple terms.

Three signs you might be overcomplicating things:

  1. You find the only people who ‘get’ you work for the same company, have the same credentials and/or sell the same things you do.
  2. It takes the conversation equivalent of an MBA to get someone on-side. Think sales teams with high conversion rates in face-to-face conversations, but not enough prospects in your funnel in the first place.
  3. You often find yourself wondering why more people don’t get it, why more customers aren’t buying.

Getting to simple isn’t simple. Why?

It’s easy to lose the meaning when we simplify. That’s when everyone starts to look and sound like everybody else.

Try this:

Explain your version of complicated to a 6 year old and ask them to explain it back to you. If they don’t get it, keep trying.

Don’t know a 6 year old? That’s okay. Find someone who knows nothing about your complicated thing. Ask them to imagine being 6.

Don’t expect it to be quick. You’ll get there eventually.

You’ll see what we mean.

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