It’s complicated.

Does this sound like you?

Our business is different than our competitors. We do really good work. It’s important work. The work we do helps businesses run better, meet their customer needs, and do so more efficiently and effectively.

The trouble is….

Our story is complicated.

When we can sit in front the right prospect, listen to their challenges and give them a picture of a better future, we can almost always close the deal. Why? Because we do good work and we can help them.

The trouble is…

We can’t sit across from everyone. We need to reach more people than that. 

We share as much information as we can about what we do. We put it on our website for everyone to see, we capture it in videos, and prove it with white papers.

The trouble is…

We don’t get nearly as much interest from those things to make the investment worthwhile.

We share what our customers think in testimonials. 

The trouble is…

Everyone else does that and it all sounds like variations of the same thing. Plus, more and more customers are reluctant to share.

We do really good work. I just wish there were an easier to way to get our story across.

Does this sound familiar? Is this you?

It’s most of the businesses we work with. We work with what we call ‘left-brain industries’ – these are the businesses with really good stories to tell, but the stories live inside complex systems, data, science and technology. 

We find the trouble for most companies is … in the effort to tell a story about a business, we forget that we’re still talking to humans.

The good news is…

Human beings are wired for story.

Stories are so powerful, they span generations, cultures and geographies.

They help humans connect, relate and cooperate. They help decide who to work with and who to buy from.

Everything starts with a story.

We work with companies who are changing the world in big and small ways. 

A new technology. A proprietary process. Big data. Precision engineering.

We work with companies who have an important story to tell buried somewhere under ones and zeros, features and benefits.

These are the stories we love to tell. 

We’ll help you distill it down to what matters most to the people who matter most.

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