Mary’s TopTwenty of 2020

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San felice chianti

20. When You Find A New Wine You Like: San Felice!

I love wine. I love wine from Italy. My dad, also one of my all -time favourites, found me a new first pick. There’s something so nice about sipping a nice glass of wine, never mind the moments that usually go along with it – peace and quiet, time with friends, a good book. Cheers!


19. Zoom (Sweatpant Meetings)

I have a love / hate relationship with Zoom. The upside: more productive and engaging meetings, made more efficient with no travel time. Social zooms from the comfort of your own home with the wine you like to drink. The downside: a video call could happen at any moment. You’d better be ready. It’s like your colleagues are knocking on your door first thing in the morning. Of course I’ll be in my pyjamas.

Good fat bars

18. Good Fat Bars

My husband says eventually I’ll just be eating nutrition pods. I’m a sucker for a quick, efficient, low sugar snack that allows me to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible. Three cheers for fat. It does a body good.

quarantine video

17. Quarantine Videos

There is something amazing and hilarious about the shared experience. This one hit right about when we were all settling into the oddities of quarantine. The guys running in the woods – gets me every time. “Tell her happy birthday, dude. Say hi to the kids”

Quarantine riddle

16. When Goodness Sneaks Between The Cracks

Maybe you saw some of this in your neighbourhood. Signs posted thanking frontline workers. Pretty painted rocks lining the sidewalks, daily jokes posted outside – all the ways the world showed up in support and connection. Alone and together.

Crochet small

15. Nerd Alert: Crochet

Crochet saved my life. Well, that may be taking it a little far. It sure helped during quarantine – turning down time and pent up stress into #blanketsforeveryone! Bonus feature: Creating 6 more crochet fanatics in my life. Love you ladies. Your secret is safe with me.

Winnie Meme

14. Favourite Meme: Well Placed Profanity

Love a good meme. Love it even more when it turns warm and fuzzy on its head to make you laugh

Teaching online yoga

13. Namaste: Teaching Yoga Online

Teaching yoga is a labour of love. I get so much from my yoga community. When the studio closed for Covid, teaching online was a gift – to move and breath and practice together. The lovely humans who thanked me for doing the thing that returns more to me than I give to them.

Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 10.19.00 AM

12. Tik Tok

To waste time and laugh at ourselves when we needed most. Something we should all do – challenge your balance, coordination and ego all in one. Bonus: the 15 year old hanging out with me. Click on the photo to see Simon and I bust a move but don’t tell him I posted it on YouTube.

artful agenda computer

11. Artful Agenda

Game changer in managing time and tasks – use across devices, sync with multiple calendars, easily move tasks between days. Thanks to my good friend, and super organized planner person, Amy for the reco. Go ahead, try it!!

Golf course walk winter

10. Golf Courses In The Off Season

A quiet golf course. No cars, just beautiful landscapes. Listening to books, music and some of the best conversations. Huge thanks to all the golf course owners who allowed the rest of us to enjoy these beautiful spaces. #millcroftgolfclub @ngcocanada

Last Dance Jordan

9. Best Documentary: The Last Dance

We love documentaries. And sports docs, even better. The Last Dance came out at the best time and changed what it meant to be productive on a Monday morning (for a few weeks anyway). The story of a legend, the work, the struggle, a complicated human like the rest of us, the amazing athletes and coaches around him. Runner up: I’ll be gone in the dark.

Molly presentation

8. No School. No Problem.

We started weekly presentations – we chose a weekly theme and we were all free to choose any topic of interest. Themes: Anything that interests you, Prove or disprove a theory, Dreams, Your dream vacation and 7 day itinerary. So fun. So what if it only lasted a few weeks. Runner up: spending time with these people, no activities needed.

master class

7. Coolest New (To Me) Thing: Masterclass

Imagine learning how to skateboard by Tony Hawk or Spike Lee teaching you how to make movies. Or maybe next Tuesday, you ask Gordon Ramsey what to make for dinner. This is just a slice of the classes available through Masterclass. I’m in for sure – I’m just not sure what else I’ll get done in 2021.


6. Best Book: Hollywood Park

An incredible memoir, beautifully written. This is not your average celebrity memoir, the story that’s interesting just because someone is famous. I didn’t even know who he was before I read it. This book is a must LISTEN. The audio book is narrated by the author with music from his band’s latest album Hollywood Park. Mikel “like Migel with a k” shares the story of his life in the most beautiful, painful, imaginative detail…with the music subtly woven throughout. HUGE fan of this book. Bonus feature: I now have a new favourite band.

Schitts creek

5. Best TV Show: Schitt’s Creek

Me and the rest of the world, I know, but worth saying again. The creativity and craftsmanship of capturing the best of humanity in a simple setting, with a few characters in less than 30 minutes over and over for 6 seasons. Humour, humility and hope. Good, good watching. I feel like they’re my friends. Runner Up: Ted Lasso


4. Best Brand: Spotify For The Win

Maybe it’s because I love music so much or because I love MY own taste in music so much? Actually, Spotify wins because they do a brilliant job of bringing the gift of music to people in surprising, delightful and highly customized ways all year long. The moment in mid December when 2020 Wrapped arrived in my inbox felt like Christmas morning. Such a treat, playing back your year in music.

family walk

3. The Love Of Family – Near And Far, Related And Not

It’s hard not to love some things about quarantine. We’re some of the lucky ones. We enjoy each other’s company (for the most part) and stripping away some of our commitments and distractions provided time and space. I feel closer to each of them (when I’m not yelling at them for being in my bathroom or leaving their dishes all over the place).

man in arena

2. Most Timely 100-Year-Old Quote

Surround yourself with people who stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you in support, who roll up their sleeves to do the work, take the risks. Those are the best people. And next time you find yourself sitting back in evaluation, maybe it’s time to step into the ring.

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat. – Theodore Roosevelt


1. A New Venture: OnPrpose Inc

Of COURSE you shouldn’t start a new business during a global pandemic, the great lockdown and the biggest economic crisis of all time. Wait it out. See where we are next year. You’ve got all kinds of time. Do it, sure, but do it later. Solid advice I gave to myself and heard from others.

But MAYBE….this is exactly the right time. When the combination of pressure, clarity, experience and passion create a burning platform so hot, it’s time to jump. I’ve never been more inspired and energized to do the work we do. I’m so grateful for the group of amazing people with me on this journey to create an inspired working world. Why settle for anything less?

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