On the road again …

I’m a huge Willie Nelson fan.

His voice. So sweet.

His wisdom. 90 years of learning channelled through song.

His commitment to share his gift. Still touring at 90.

Some of my favourite songs aren’t country at all. My all-time fave is a cover he does of a Creedence Clearwater Revival hit.

Have you ever seen the rain

Okay, the only real connection between Willie and this One Thing Thursday is the subject line.

Moving on…

I’m on the road again…a lot this month to meet with incredible business leaders, making big changes in their industries.

I get to do the deep dives to understand the impacts they want to make in the universe, so we can help them bring it to life and share it.

I don’t get to bring our team with me.

How do I get the most from the experience AND transfer all the lessons and learnings?

Technology, collaboration and AI….oh my.

Four tools we’re using to bring everyone up to speed quickly and seamlessly.

Otter.ai – Meetings, facility tours, subject matter expert tours. The Otter.ai app on my phone will collect it all. We’ll get searchable transcripts of all of it with automated speaker identification.

Loom – I’ll record daily takeaway videos for the team, while everything’s fresh in my mind. No one has to wait until some meeting at some undetermined future date to get the download. They can use this as the filter for reviewing Otter.ai’s detailed transcripts.

Google Gemini – for closing the technical gaps we have as we ramp up to understand our clients’ technical businesses.

GPT Avatars – getting research, voice, and style right is important, which is why we’ve started creating repositories of information (or avatar) for clients in ChatGPT. It’s an efficient way to catch trends, insights and inconsistencies.

Bonus: Riverside.fmwhen we have a hiccup with Otter.ai, we capture video on our phones and use this site to transcribe!

When we can’t all be present, AI bridges the gap.

  • Comprehensive knowledge capture
  • Faster onboarding of new clients
  • Massive improvement to team efficiency

I love it when we find better ways to do things!

Call me Crazy, but this stuff is Always on my Mind.

Better go. It’s time I’m leaving on a Jet Plane

(Not Willie Nelson, but a great cover nonetheless!)

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