The problem with proof points.

We are ABC company. This is the work we do. Here are the ways we do it and we do them really well…better than most. Need a trusted provider who does these things? Contact us.

Lots of websites read something like this and that likely means so do the offers, sales conversations, pitch decks, etc. It’s good information. Customers will want to know these things before they commit.

The problem? It skips a BIG step.

The problem you solve – why they need you in the first place.

The people you serve likely aren’t well-versed in all the possible ways to solve their problem. When we skip that step, we’re giving them another problem – trying to figure out if what you do addresses their needs in the first place.

Then, they have to stack your solution up against all the other companies who are saying their version of the same thing. You’re sending them on a path to become an informed buyer of all the things you do vs. thinking about all the ways you’ll make their life, jobs, etc. easier and better. And they’re not even your customer yet.

Getting to their problem is simple, and not always easy. The more you know about what you do, the more you use what you do as a filter for what they need.

The solution?

Do: Talk to customers

Get really curious about the words they use to describe their situation and needs.

Don’t: Assume you already know

Our brains naturally filter information into buckets that are familiar to us. What’s more familiar to us than our own proof points?

Use: This empathy map exercise. Engage a cross functional team of people who are close to customers and not.

Exchange: Your company hat for a customer hat for the day. Actually wear hats. It’s a powerful way to shift the mindset in the room.

Change: Your story. Make it about them. And tell it in a way that shows who you are as a company, a team and a culture. After all, people like to work with people they know, like and trust.

Have: Fun. What could be better than spending a day in the minds of the people you seek to help most?

Get: Some help.

We love nothing more than to help you get closer to your customers, their problems and your solutions and bring your story to life in a way that reflects all the great intention behind it.

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