To convince or to compel… that is the question.

Is it semantics? To convince someone to do, think or feel something is pretty much the same as compelling them, isn’t it?

Not really, at all.

What’s the difference? It’s you vs them.

In both cases, you have the same end goal in mind and may have similar proof points and data.

A convincing argument contains all the logic you need to justify why you believe what you believe.

We love our product. Here are all the reasons. You should love it too. Buy here.

A compelling offer, however, taps into the self interest and motivation of your audience.

Ever tried to convince a meat eater, over a steak dinner, that a vegan steak tastes just as good?

We are naturally motivated by what serves our needs and wants. A compelling offer delivers that.

You have a problem. If you fix that problem, life will be better. Here’s a way to fix the problem with far more upside than the investment. Care to learn more?

Compelling offers apply to almost any area of life and work, where you need other people to take action.

Ever tried to convince a teenager to clean their room because it’s their responsibility and you deserve a clean house?

How about sweetening the deal? Twenty bucks goes a long way.

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