Visible Thought Leader Program

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

You’ve spent your entire career collecting knowledge, building relationships, and living experiences that shape how you see the world. Now you’re ready to share your unique perspective with others to drive your industry forward… 

But where to begin?

 With the Visible Thought Leader Program. We identify where your expertise and passions intersect, and craft the stories that only you can tell. Then, we secure opportunities for you to share those stories with targeted audiences.

Why establish yourself as a thought leader?

You have a unique perspective to offer. Share it and shape your business, industry, and the world.

Build more than your reputation. Influence the next generation of leaders and guide your industry toward a better future.

Sound good for a start? Let’s dig into the details.

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How the Visible Thought Leader Program works – step by step.

Find the crossroads of expertise and passion…AKA the roadmap for your thought leadership program.

You share your experience; we drive your stories forward.

We find homes for your stories, then spread the word!

Thought leadership in action

Here’s where we’ve helped thought leaders share their stories recently.

Industry Week

Why change initiatives fizzle and how to fix them


Are we safer than we were yesterday?

Plant Engineering

Why sustainability is a necessity in the manufacturing world

Canadian Contractor

DE&I: Are you talking the talk or walking the walk?

Ready to Get Started?

Book a time with OnPrpose and let’s begin building your story today!

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