Demonstrate leadership. Resonate with your community.

Visible Thought Leader™

You’ve got gold in your business.
It’s in your team’s DNA.
Share the wealth.

You solve big challenges and create value.
We tell your story simply and impactfully, and amplify it to reach new audiences.


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Lead in your industry. Resonate with your audience.

Mary doing a presentation

People don’t care what you’re selling – they want to know how you help.

You know your industry intimately. You know your business – probably too well. You have an opportunity to elevate the conversation. To show potential customers you understand their problems deeply. To show potential employees your leadership and unique perspective in a sea of sameness. To show your competition you mean business.

This is the Visible Thought Leader™ program, where your perspective resonates with your community.

How it works

The Visible Thought Leader program starts with a deep dive – to understand your business, meet your subject matter experts, and identify the sweet spot where your expertise intersects with what’s keeping your audience up at night, and the channels and publications to reach them. 

We’ll use those insights to develop a content strategy…and then the fun begins.

We call it “the easiest writing assignment you’ll ever have.” We tackle one each month.

We schedule a short call with your subject matter expert.

Pick their brain to understand their unique perspective on the topic.

Outline, draft and pitch their story.

You and your SME get final approval on the story, the outlet and the byline.

We take care of everything else.

Fall in love with your customers’ problems. Show them how you help. Lead in Your Industry

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Demonstrate leadership. Resonate with your community.

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