Who, not how.

Are you suffocating under a pile of problems you need to fix?

Wringing your hands trying to figure out HOW you’ll get it all done?

Maybe it’s not how at all…maybe it’s who.

When you focus on how you’ll get something done, you’re only leveraging your own strengths and abilities. When you focus instead on who you need, you’re leveraging a broader, collective source.

With the right “whos” working in their unique strengths (we call it “right people, right seats”), you release yourself from working in areas that aren’t your unique strength and double down on where you add the most value. That could look like outsourcing your marketing so you can focus on your business, for example.

It’s all about collaboration. When we all pull together, we get there faster and with less effort. It’s not about me vs. you – it’s about us vs. the problem/opportunity.

This One Thing Thursday is inspired by Who Not How by Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic Coach .

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