The humans behind the work

We are a team of seasoned strategists, marketers, communicators with decades of experience serving clients in almost every sector you can imagine.

Our team

We are online and off, we are digital and social, we focus internally and externally, we build the big picture and execute the small details. We will help you achieve results.

Meagan Cameron

Meagan Cameron

Director, Marketing Operations

Synthesizes stories in all shapes and sizes
Mary Fearon

Mary Fearon

Founder / CEO

Builds strategy, motivates action, brings purpose to life

Megan McGinnis

Communications Coordinator

Builds the right story for every audience and channel
Team Member 9 (2)

Lone Kerr

Content Strategist

Turns ideas into insightful communications strategies
Team Member 6 (2)

Stephanie Uncao

Account Lead

Uncovers insights, optimizes programs, makes %$^& happen
Team Member 7 (2)

Donna Hladun

Program Manager

Manages people and projects big and small down to the finest detail
Team Member 8 (2)

Lindsay Glasspoole

Public Relations Strategist

Builds wicked relationships with media and influencers
Team Member 2 (2)

Rob Lilley

Web Developer

Wears many different hats, with style and skill
Team Member 1 (2)

Jessica Kuepfer

Communications Strategist

A PR powerhouse brimming with energy and excitement for all-things-strategy

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