Changing the world, one story at a time.

At the heart of every good deed, every innovation, every world-changing technology, there is a story.

We believe

Human beings are wired for connection and contribution. It’s in our DNA.

Stories help us connect, relate and cooperate. Stories help us work together to survive and thrive.

We exist to find the story in all the complexity and to share it. We exist to change the world, one story at a time.

Whatever you do, do it on purpose and, for goodness sakes, make it a good story.

Our values

We promise to approach every situation with positive energy, a curious spirit, an enterprising mindset and a drive for action. This isn’t just a feel good strategy. To bring our best, we need to be at our best. It’s our recipe for crushing it! We invite you to do the same. Here are the actions we value…


You are kind and humble. When you’re in the room (virtual or otherwise) you lift the energy and instil confidence. You bring your best and look for ways to help others do the same. You see obstacles as opportunity - when there isn’t a way, you’ll create one. Every interaction with you is a productive, feel-good experience.


You see the world as an endless opportunity to learn something that makes life more interesting and you, better for it. You approach any situation - the novel & conventional, the wins & losses - with questions, not judgement, with openness, not ego, because it’s more important to learn than to be right.


You see time as our most precious resource and ideas as our greatest asset. You strike a balance between going deep and moving forward. Every time you weigh in, you’re thinking about how you can help move the team, the project, the goal toward the finish line.


You are the poster child for a ‘can-do’ attitude. You wake up every day excited to connect, contribute and kick a$$. You inspire the same in those around you. You love a good challenge, have the courage to take on new things and the resourcefulness to conquer them in the end.

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