Are you doing it on purpose?

Life. Work. The daily grind. On purpose or on autopilot?

Did you know the Top 50 brands in the world were driven by a higher purpose and grew 3x faster than competitors?

– Jim Stengel, UCLA, 2011 study of 50,000 brands

And when we say purpose, we mean the kind of purpose connected to improving people’s lives one way or another. It’s not just to be the best widget maker. It’s connecting to why the widgets are made in the first place. How do they improve businesses, make life easier and better?

It’s also the kind of purpose you can find anywhere, in any role. A study conducted with hospital cleaning staff showed the difference between job satisfaction and job apathy had nothing to do with the job itself (one filled with repetitive, mundane tasks), it’s how people see the job. It’s the story they tell themselves about what they do and why it matters.

If you’re a leader, how are you helping your team connect who they are and what they do to why it matters in the first place?

If there are days when you ask yourself this question, what’s the story you tell yourself about the job you do?

Change the story. Change the experience.

Let’s do it on purpose.

The alternative just isn’t good enough.

Need help building the stories of purpose in your business or connecting your teams to their purpose? We can help!

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